GDC is over and done

GDC is over and done

Now we turn our attention to PAX East!

In hindsight the first few days before GDC were the calm before the storm. I got to finally meet the rest of the guys from Surprise Attack Games face to face (I had only met Lex previously at Steam Dev Days), and the chance to hang out in San Francisco was really great. I love San Fran! We did make a tiny schoolboy error in not applying and sunscreen before heading on a pleasant bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and back with James from SAG and Rob, the dev behind the awesome game Burden. All three of us got bright red lobster heads just in time for the Mix even that evening, adding to the “feels like” temperature in the IGN offices which was already pretty high with all the bodies and talking.

Our fancy controller and Chris from Surprise Attack Games demoing the game.

The event went really well and reactions to our game were great. My only regret was that I didn’t get to see as many games as I would have liked, but I did make a bee line for a couple of Oculus Rift titles Darknet and Grave. I highly recommend you check out both if you get the chance. I wish I could recommend more but I definitely plan on checking out everything that was showcased at the event now that I'm back home.

Then we made our way to the main venue and the really fun of GDC began. Everything seemed like a blur as I found myself constantly talking to everyone from students, media, influential developers and everyone in-between. Once again, the reactions were really great, and based on some great feedback, we now have tonnes of ideas for improvements. That tends to happen when you play the same courses over and over again, and we even discovered some isolated bugs along the way.

The evenings were also a blur, jumping from party to party and meeting to meeting. I met tonnes of awesome people from the guys and gals at Paradox Interactive who got us a ticket into the awesome Nordic Games party. I also had the chance to meet and hang out with Lewis from Yogcast, which as a fan, was really exciting. We also met with a bunch of business contacts who liked the game, which gave me a huge boost of confidence that we are definitely on the right track. It even opened a few doors creatively for some future implementations, one of which will be Oculus Rift support that we're hoping will be showable (albeit as an early iteration), at PAX East.

The last day in San Fran was another welcome chilled hang out with Chris from SAG and Rob, followed by beers and burgers. Originally we wanted to visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, but it was closed for refurbishment, so we made our way to the Comic Book Art Gallery around the corner. I stumbled across something that reminded me of our very first fans of the game, I wonder if you can guess which one?

Now I'm back at my cabin, playing laser pointers with the locals before ushering them off our patio using a tiny anti-personnel water cannon (shampoo bottle with water). It all seems like a crazy dream, on that I'm sure will be repeated. First on the agenda - tackle my overflowing inbox, and then the next stop is PAX East.

- Christian

Posted 27/03/2014 by Hellerphant


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