Update 0.48 is out, just in time for the Steam Sale

Update 0.48 is out, just in time for the Steam Sale

Two Median holes for you to post high scores on

Hello golfers! First of all our apologies for not releasing an update last week, one of those pesky unexpected turn of events cropped up which delayed last week's Median hole from release. On the plus side, it means we’re releasing two holes in version 0.48, so it all balances out. As always, here's a course flyover to give you an idea of what you'll be up against.

Hole #4 builds on the previous designs, offering a tricky free stroke hole and a tonne of conveyer belts to challenge even the most skilled player. Be careful with that Aftertouch, because once you get into the green room there are a number of slopes that seem intent on pushing you over the edge to waste a stroke. I definitely need more practice! Once you get into hole #5, I'm sure you will notice a new type of obstacle that should surprise you!

Christian has continued his work on the shop and player avatars, and he was excited to share some of his experiences, so I'll let him take over the post from here:

From a design perspective, I wanted to create something that was akin to the usability of the TV menu system in the main shop, keeping it quick to navigate but still keeping the first-person perspective. I decided to split access to accessories into 2 categories and areas of the shop. On the left of the shop is a display case where you will be able to cycle through things like Clubs, Hummingbirds and Influence Bugs, and on the right is a similar display case which acts as a changing room for your avatar and the clothes you will have access to. In order to quickly jump between different items, I created four picture frames either side of the display cases. The two smaller frames will show and help navigate to different categories, while the larger frames will show the list within that category. We still have to test this idea when it’s implemented and hone its usability, but I think it should work well.

Designing the new Median holes has been great fun, which is one of the reasons why we think the course editor is so important to get into the hands of players. I'm particularly fond of the new terrain-based greens, which work extremely well with the Influence bug. Being able to navigate the undulations like you would a bike on a pump track brings a new element to the game. Boost on the down hills to gain momentum to conquer the hills - you can keep up some good speed using this technique without wasting all your rewind/boost power. It's also put a limit on how much you use your club on these new greens which has been a fun bi-product of the new design.

I've also created some longer paths to the green room, and while they may not be the most efficient routes, they offer plenty of opportunity to replenish your rewind/boost power. Whilst these routes can be useful for managing your power in single player, in multiplayer they should become an interesting opportunity to hinder opponents and ambush them whilst on their longer journey. Yes, I know that sounds a little crazy, but we've got some really special plans for the multiplayer!

That's enough from me, so I'll pass it back to Steve. - Christian.

As you can see, Paul and Christian have quite a number of interesting ideas tucked in the background which are being worked on. As we get closer to releasing each new feature, you can expect more posts from Christian discussing the work, the challenges behind the features, and then of course, a chance to test them and give us feedback.

As I'm sure you are all aware, the Steam Summer Sale has begun! We're currently discounted at 66%, so tell all your friends to sign up now and get involved. We've also introduced a four-pack for those who want to share with friends and get ready for the multiplayer, which is also 66% off during the sale.

Once again, thanks so much for the support and we hope you enjoy the new holes. We really appreciate the feedback you are giving us, and you can expect another community vote coming pretty soon! - Steve

0.48 - 20/06/2014

  • Added Holes 4 and 5 to "Meditation" median style course
Posted 20/06/2014 by Hellerphant


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